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Universal Defence and Security Solutions Mark Reserves Day 2024
AdminJun 19, 20242 min read

Reserves Day 2024

As we approach Reserves Day on June 26th, 2024, Universal Defence and Security Solutions invite you to join us in honouring the remarkable men and women of our Reserve Forces.

These individuals, who seamlessly blend civilian life with military duty, deserve recognition for their invaluable contributions to national defence and security.

Recognising the Reservists

Reservists embody a unique commitment to serving their country, balancing their everyday lives with military responsibilities. They stand ready to defend our nation whenever duty calls, contributing significantly to both domestic resilience and global peacekeeping efforts. 

Why Reserves Day Matters

Established as part of Armed Forces Week, Reserves Day shines a spotlight on the often unsung heroes of our Armed Forces. These individuals form a vital sixth of the UK's military personnel, specialising in crucial fields such as medical support, cybersecurity and more. Despite their pivotal roles, their efforts can sometimes go unnoticed amidst the broader military landscape.

Celebrating Reserves Day

On June 26th, Universal Defence and Security Solutions, Gold members of the Employer Recognition Scheme, will be championing members' Reservist achievements.

UDSS' Co-Chair Peter Hewitt currently serves as an Honorary Group Captain in 601 Squadron, "Universal Defence and Security Solutions is proud to support Reserves Day because it recognises the invaluable contributions of our Reserve Forces. These men and women embody dedication, sacrifice, and a commitment to protecting our nation's security, both at home and abroad. Their readiness and expertise enhance our collective defence capabilities, and we are honoured to stand with them in celebrating their service on this important day".

General Sir Richard Barrons KCB CBE Co-Chair of UDSS regularly supports initiatives and events to highlight the important role that the Reserve Forces and Cadets have to play in UK defence.


Life as a Reservist

The life of a Reservist is dynamic and fulfilling, offering a range of benefits and opportunities:

  • Financial Rewards: Reservists receive payment for their service, including tax-free bonuses.
  • Career Development: Gain valuable training and qualifications that enhance skills in both military and civilian roles.
  • Adventure and Travel: From overseas deployments to sports training and Armed Forces discounts, Reservists experience diverse opportunities.

At Universal Defence and Security Solutions, we are proud to stand alongside our Reserve Forces, recognising their vital role in safeguarding our nation and promoting global stability. Join us on Reserves Day to express gratitude and appreciation for these extraordinary individuals who embody the spirit of service and sacrifice.