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Defence Consultancy

Navigating the UK MOD and Complex Procurement Processes

Our team of experts provides guidance and insights into the complex defence landscape, the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), and the intricate procurement processes. We are dedicated to empowering both private and commercial sectors with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate this complex terrain effectively.

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Why Choose UDSS?

Why Choose UDSS?

Tailored Solutions: Our expertise is moulded to meet your specific needs. UDSS provides customised solutions that align with your objectives in the private and commercial sectors.

Experienced Professionals: Our team consists of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in defence and procurement. We offer insights that only come from years of hands-on involvement in the field.

Comprehensive Support: From enhancing your understanding of defence to guiding you through the procurement process, UDSS offers comprehensive support at every step of your journey.

Confidentiality: We understand the sensitivity of defence-related matters. UDSS treats all interactions with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

Proven Success: Our track record of successful engagements with diverse private and commercial clients underscores our ability to deliver valuable insights and assistance.

UDSS is your strategic partner in demystifying the world of defence, the UK MOD, and procurement processes. Contact us today to explore how our experts can empower your organisation with the knowledge and strategies needed for success in these critical areas. Together, we can unlock new opportunities and enhance your position in the defence sector.

Our Solutions

Defence Consultancy Developing commercial capabilities for military use (eg digital, logistics, availability business models) and former military- exclusive capabilities for commercial use (eg space, digital imagery)
Knowing the end customer working with the MoD and Government Interpreting and understanding government policy, MoD policy and strategies and what they really mean for industry; understanding the defence and security ecosystem; developing a realistic strategy for the defence and security market; understanding opportunities and risks
Defence market analysis and growth Long term market trends – technologies, adversaries, government policy and MoD strategy; UK and overseas market trends; Defence Reform – what does it mean? Digitisation, space, cyber, sub-threshold operations, Defence Support
M&A Advice and Due diligence Advice onDefence industry and individual companies in the context of market trends
Defence Modernisation / Support An enterprise-approach to Defence Support: leveraging commercial logistic capabilities; data-driven decision making; duplication; ‘best athlete’ provision of capability

Meet Our Experts

David Shouesmith
David Shouesmith UDSS DIRECTOR
David Shouesmith was formerly ACDS (Logistic Operations) in the UK MoD. He has extensive experience in operational military logistics and support acquisition in both the MoD and commercial sector.

His 28-year military career included service as ACDS (Logistic Operations) in the UK MoD and logistic command on operations from squadron to brigade level, from Bosnia to Afghanistan. He was also pivotal to many support transformation initiatives across Defence, in the land and joint domains, involving greater industry roles in delivering defence support. Since leaving the Army he has worked for large and small consultancies, advising commercial clients in a variety of sectors in strategy, critical programme management and strategic supply chain. David was the founding chairman of the Royal Logistic Corps Foundation, served as a colonel commandant of the Royal Logistic Corps for 15 years and is currently chairman of the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum Trust.

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Sir Mark Poffley KCB OBE UDSS Director
Mark was Deputy to the Head of the British Army and led the Royal Logistic Corps. He has a reputation for insight, vision and counsel at the highest levels of UK military and political decision-making.

He has extensive operational experience as both a planner and field logistician and he most recently served as the Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff leading the UK MOD’s strategic BOI and force design teams. Overseeing a budget of £38 billion, he was responsible for the coherence of the UK’s defence portfolio including the most sensitive strategic capability programmes. Previously, he was the Deputy to the head of the British Army and led the Royal Logistic Corps.

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Osby was formerly the Head of UK Defence Intelligence. He has extensive experience of leadership and command, intelligence and cyber, force design and capability planning, and transformation.

Originally Tornado aircrew, most recently he was Chief of Defence Intelligence until end 2018, responsible for the provision of strategic intelligence to Defence and Government, ISR co-ordination and counter-intelligence, as well as Defence leadership of offensive and defensive cyber. Previously, Phil commanded one of the two operational RAF Groups, and stood-up the 2.5Bn/yr Joint Forces Command (now Strategic Command) Capability Portfolio.

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Steve Thornber
Steve, formerly the Assistant Chief of Staff Joint Intelligence now serves in as Deputy Director of UK Strategic Command’s Integrated Cyber Electro-Magnetic & Effects Directorate.

Air Commodore (Ret'd) Thornber has had tours in strategic imagery analysis, tactical reconnaissance, intelligence-collection management, instructing, on exchange with the US, contingency planning, and in an outer office. His operational experience spans tours in the Afghanistan, Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey supporting air and land ops at tactical and joint operational level.

In 2003, he took command of the RAF’s Tactical Imagery Intelligence Wing (now 1 ISR Wing) before returning briefly to Shrivenham as ACSC Directing Staff in 2006. He was promoted to Gp Capt in 2007 as Director Joint Narcotics Analysis Centre and deployed to ISAF Joint Command as Deputy Director Intelligence (Operations) for a year in 2009. He took command of the Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre in 2010, moving it to Wyton in 2012 to form the Defence Geospatial Intelligence Fusion Centre. In 2013, he was posted to Supreme Allied Command HQ as Head Knowledge Management, before being promoted to Air Cdre in 2015 and returning to UK as ACOS J2 at the UK’s Permanent Joint HQ. He became a Commander in the Order of the British Empire in 2014.

In 2016, he was posted to US Central Command as Deputy Director for Intelligence (Operations) as 1* lead for ISR, Targeting and Intelligence Plans and Ops, for which he earned the US’s Legion of Merit (Officer). He returned to the UK in 2018 to Defence Intelligence as Head of Assessment for Middle East and Africa in close support to Ministers and Service Chiefs, and then in 2019 became Head of Defence Intelligence Operations.

He retired from Regular Service in 2021 but has a continuing role in the RAF Reserve as Deputy Director in UK Strategic Command’s Integrated Cyber Electro-Magnetic & Effects Directorate. He is also an independent Defence and Security consultant in financial and technical sectors, is Chair of the RAF Intelligence Association, and President of the Medmenham Association.

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dubrie-2-709x675 (2) (1)-1
Brian is a highly experienced Chartered Engineer and a strategic transformational leader with in-depth knowledge across the Defence and Security sector.

His last role was in the National Crime Agency responsible for a portfolio of complex crime fighting technology programmes and transforming the Agency’s IT Services. Prior to this, he was responsible for the delivery of MOD’s £7.2Bn highly secure IT programme supporting 250,000 Users in the UK, Overseas and Deployed locations. His broader career spans senior positions in HMG across Intelligence, International Collaboration in the US, Science and Technology, Counter Terrorism and People Transformation.

A graduate of the Cabinet Office sponsored Major Project Leadership Academy (MPLA) and an experienced Cabinet Office High Risk Review Team Leader, he has been responsible for leading a number of strategic reviews of Government Major Projects in CT Policing, FCO, MOD, NDA and HMRC. Throughout his career as a leader Brian has always had a strong interest in developing talent and through active coaching, he continues to enable many senior leaders reach their potential both in industry and Government.

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lester-400x382 (1)
Philip is an operator, innovator, strategist and conceptual thinker with over 30 years’ experience,

within the Defence and Security community including with numerous allies and partners including NATO. As a strategic thinker and innovator, he has been at the forefront of a number of Defence’s force development initiatives including multi-domain integration, space, cyberspace, modern deterrence, CBRN defence as well as the introduction into service of some novel and highly classified capabilities.

He has published numerous articles, participated in a number of international conferences, as well as having been a member of a UK-US-Russia and China Track 2 initiative to improve military cyber security understanding. Philip has been the 1* lead in DCDC on doctrine, air, space and cyberspace matters and previously held the Chief of Staff appointment and the leadership of defence experimentation through the Integrated Warrior programme from within Joint Forces Development. He holds a MPhil in international relations from the University of Cambridge. He is a member of the Royal College of Defence Studies and a graduate of the Higher Command and Staff Course. Philip is currently the RAF senior directing staff at RCDS where he leads on strategy and professional military education. He has just published the colleges strategy handbook - making strategy better.

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