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We Keep You Ahead of the Threat

We understand that although it is usually necessary to start with small, concrete steps, the winners in a world characterised by great power confrontation will be those who make transformative changes to their organisation, equipment and methods – and do this faster than their opponents can match.

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Data Mastery and Intelligence Systems

UDSS assists governments and businesses in mastering and fusing data from diverse sources, both classified and open-source. We create intelligence systems that provide continuous updates, resembling modern newsrooms.

  • UDSS advises governments and commercial enterprises on optimal data utilisation.
  • Expertise spans in-house, highly classified data to vast open-source information.
  • Emphasis on developing intelligence systems that function like newsrooms, offering constant updates.

Leading Integration of AI and Cloud in Complex Environments

To manage complex problems laden with risk and uncertainty, mastering secure cloud access and employing AI tools is imperative. UDSS pioneer in transferring rapidly evolving civil sector advancements in data, cloud, and AI to military, public, and commercial realms.

  • Mastery of secure cloud access is vital.
  • Utilisation of AI tools to manage the vast and rapid flow of information.
  • UDSS bridges the gap between civil sector technology advancements and applications in military, public sector, and commercial endeavours.
Harnessing Digital Expertise for High-Level Defence Intelligence One of UDSS’ unique capabilities is the combination of Digital expertise, including in new programming and acquisition pathways, with the leadership, technical, and analytical expertise found at the very top of UK’s Defence Intelligence Service. We can conceive, design and construct intelligence, and come on control systems that unite technology with deep, senior operator insight.
Innovating Data Visualisation and Distribution Through Advanced Technology

UDSS connects its profound understanding of data skills to the rapid development of technology that expedites how information is presented, visualised, and distributed. This includes the application of rapidly emerging technology, such as Single Synthetic environments, distributed via our expertise in leading resilient and secure networks.

Ensuring Maximum Cyber Defence Through Deep Expertise

Running through all of this is the imperative of the strongest practical levels of cyber defence. UDSS includes some of the most senior figures who were responsible for the operations of GCHQ and military cyber. This includes being steeped in encryption and how to manage all levels of information security. We are able to bring this strength in depth to clients considering their options in cyber policy, strategy and technology.

Pioneering Robotics and Autonomy for Advanced Defence Capabilities

As the arena of digital age technologies being applied to defence and national security grows, UDSS is providing pace-setting advice on the adoption of robotics and autonomy in new navies, armies, and air forces that become a human machine, team of manned, unmanned, and autonomous capability. This often starts with supporting the experimentation with and evolution of small unmanned and autonomous platforms, but UDSS is at the forefront of thinking about how the military ‘Internet of Things’ delivers networks of sensors and weapons across all domains in ways that create decisive operational advantage and reduce the risks of failure and loss.

Meet Our Experts

Osby was formerly Head of UK Defence Intelligence. He has extensive experience of leadership and command, intelligence and cyber, force design and capability planning, and transformation.

Originally Tornado aircrew, most recently he was Chief of Defence Intelligence until end 2018, responsible for the provision of strategic intelligence to Defence and Government, ISR co-ordination and counter-intelligence, as well as Defence leadership of offensive and defensive cyber. Previously, Phil commanded one of the two operational RAF Groups, and stood-up the 2.5Bn/yr Joint Forces Command (now Strategic Command) Capability Portfolio.

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Steve Thornber
Steve Thornber CBE UDSS Digital Lead
Steve retired from Regular Service in 2021 but has a continuing role in the RAF Reserve as Deputy Director in UK Strategic Command’s Integrated Cyber Electro-Magnetic & Effects Directorate.

Air Commodore (Ret'd) Thornber has had tours in strategic imagery analysis, tactical reconnaissance, intelligence-collection management, instructing, on exchange with the US, contingency planning, and in an outer office. His operational experience spans tours in the Afghanistan, Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey supporting air and land ops at tactical and joint operational level.

In 2003, he took command of the RAF’s Tactical Imagery Intelligence Wing (now 1 ISR Wing) before returning briefly to Shrivenham as ACSC Directing Staff in 2006. He was promoted to Gp Capt in 2007 as Director Joint Narcotics Analysis Centre and deployed to ISAF Joint Command as Deputy Director Intelligence (Operations) for a year in 2009. He took command of the Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre in 2010, moving it to Wyton in 2012 to form the Defence Geospatial Intelligence Fusion Centre. In 2013, he was posted to Supreme Allied Command HQ as Head Knowledge Management, before being promoted to Air Cdre in 2015 and returning to UK as ACOS J2 at the UK’s Permanent Joint HQ. He became a Commander in the Order of the British Empire in 2014.

In 2016, he was posted to US Central Command as Deputy Director for Intelligence (Operations) as 1* lead for ISR, Targeting and Intelligence Plans and Ops, for which he earned the US’s Legion of Merit (Officer). He returned to the UK in 2018 to Defence Intelligence as Head of Assessment for Middle East and Africa in close support to Ministers and Service Chiefs, and then in 2019 became Head of Defence Intelligence Operations.

He retired from Regular Service in 2021 but has a continuing role in the RAF Reserve as Deputy Director in UK Strategic Command’s Integrated Cyber Electro-Magnetic & Effects Directorate. He is also an independent Defence and Security consultant in financial and technical sectors, is Chair of the RAF Intelligence Association, and President of the Medmenham Association.

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