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Advancements and Challenges in Aviation & Defence: Insights from the Bird & Bird Annual Conference

At the annual Bird & Bird Aviation & Defence Conference, Universal Defence and Security Solutions Director, Air Marshal (Ret’d) Phil Osborne CBE FRAeS took centre stage delivering the inaugural keynote speech titled ‘A New Era of Geopolitics’.

This year's conference carried forward the discussions initiated the previous year. The Aviation and Defence sectors are undergoing profound changes, influenced by technological advancements, significant geo-political events, and the urgent shift towards a net-zero future.

Amongst the topics explored were:

  • Staff Considerations During Significant Transitions
  • Eco-conscious Advertising: Navigating Net Zero and the Evolving Legal Scene
  • Half a Decade of GDPR: Impacts and Trends in the A&D Industry
  • Unpacking Relational Contracting
  • Evaluating Airline and Investor Profit Margins
  • The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Defence.

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