We are a UK Company which provides a broad range of defence and wider security services to governments, militaries, businesses and other organisations on a global basis.

What we believe is unique and differentiates us from other companies in the international defence and security consultancy, advice and services sector, is that we only employ former UK armed services personnel and MOD civil servants.

Our culture and ethos springs from our former defence, security, public service and corporate backgrounds. This has shaped our environmental, social and governance (ESG) approach.

Working internationally in defence and security poses a range of ethical dilemmas so as a company, we have developed an ethical policy (and will continue to evolve this) but equally we appreciate that precisely prescriptive blanket rules are difficult to apply in a rapidly changing world.

Consequently, before bidding for or accepting work from any government, military, business or other organisation we will conduct due diligence and if that work is deemed in any way contentious the Board will form a judgment on whether to proceed and accept it.

We believe transformation is more than adapting capability to the contemporary operating environment; it also covers transformation to assist international and governmental clients in enabling them to evolve and become more democratically controlled and accountable armed forces.