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Unlocking the Art of Strategy in Uncertain Times with UDSS consultant Craig Lawrence CBE

In an era where uncertainty and chaos often dictate the global stage, Craig Lawrence CBE, a consultant with Universal Defence and Security Solutions, provides clarity with his book, "The Quick Guide to Effective Strategy."

This insightful read is a departure from traditional strategy guides that overwhelm with tools yet fall short on implementation.

Lawrence's book is constructed around fourteen critical thinking questions, spanning five thematic stages to craft and adapt strategies in any time frame. His YouTube talks bring these concepts to life, offering a teaser to the book's pragmatic approach.




Whether you're an entrepreneur, executive, or government official, this guide is an invaluable tool to navigate today's complex environment. It's an invitation to not only learn but also to unlock a tailored, effective strategy for your organisation.

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Explore the book on Amazon and delve into the methodology that empowers you to capitalise on opportunities and tackle obstacles head-on.