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UDSS Co-Chair Peter Hewitt Attends City Briefing Dinner 2024
AdminJun 27, 20242 min read

UDSS Co-Chair Peter Hewitt Attends City Briefing Dinner 2024

Peter Hewitt, Co-Chair of Universal Defence and Security Solutions (UDSS) and Honorary Group Captain in 601 (County of London) Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force, attended the City Briefing Dinner on the 20th of June, 2024.

This prominent event, held at the Guildhall Art Gallery in the heart of the City of London, is a key gathering for employers collaborating with Defence.

The City Briefing Dinner is a unique occasion that unites employers, Defence representatives, and military VIPs, highlighting the mutual benefits of partnerships with Defence. Hosted by London's Reserve Forces and gold-standard, forces-friendly organisations, the evening provided an excellent platform for networking and discussion about the Employer and Reserve service partnership. Attendees enjoyed dinner while engaging in conversations about the vital contributions of Reservists and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers to national resilience and Defence.

City Briefing 2024

"It was a pleasure to meet other employers and business representatives to focus on the mutual benefits to organisations that partner with Defence. Ahead of Armed Forces Day, it was extremely valuable to hear from City Reservists about their experience of Service in support of UK Defence and national resilience," commented Peter Hewitt.

City Briefing 2 2024

UDSS, a proud member of City UK, recognises the significance of these gatherings in fostering relationships and understanding between Defence and corporate sectors, particularly those who are Gold ERS award holders. The event provided an opportunity for corporate leaders to gain insights into the opportunities and benefits that Reserve Forces offer to employers and their employees.

Liz Church, City Secretary RFCA, highlighted the essence of the evening, stating, "As corporate leaders, we seek within the environment of a convivial and sociable evening, to offer you a networking opportunity and to broaden your awareness of the Reserve Forces and Cadets within the City of London. While enjoying a fine dinner in the Guildhall surroundings, you will have a chance to hear from members of the Reserve Forces on the potential opportunities offered to both City employers, their Cadet Force Adult Volunteers, and Reservist employees."

The City Briefing Dinner not only serves as a networking opportunity but also as a platform for volunteer hosts, many of whom have been mobilised for operations, to explain the support City Reservists provide to Defence and national resilience. These interactions are crucial in understanding the dual benefits for both the organisations and the individuals involved.

UDSS remains committed to its partnership with Defence, recognising the skills, leadership, and dedication that Reservists bring to their civilian roles. The City Briefing Dinner 2024 was a testament to the strength of these partnerships and the shared commitment to supporting national resilience and Defence efforts.