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UDSS Awarded Disability Confident Certification

Universal Defence and Security Solutions (UDSS) has recently been honoured with the Disability Confident Certification, underscoring its commitment to supporting employees with disabilities, both visible and non-visible. This accolade reflects UDSS's dedication to promoting disability equality and fostering an inclusive work environment where every employee can realise their full potential. 

Peter Hewitt, Co-Chair of Universal Defence and Security Solutions, expresses his pride in this achievement: "Receiving the Disability Confident Certification is not just an accolade for UDSS; it's a testament to our core values of inclusivity and respect. We pledge to continue nurturing an environment where diversity is celebrated, and every individual is empowered to contribute their best." 

To further this mission, UDSS actively runs awareness campaigns across its workforce and with business partners, focusing on the diverse impacts of disabilities. The organisation hosts events and conferences on various disability-related topics, including 'Promoting Disability Confidence' and 'Recognising Hidden Disabilities'. These initiatives are shaped by the group's members, ensuring the support provided is both meaningful and effective. This includes enhancing access to assistive technologies and offering personalised advice for employees, their managers and the wider UDSS membership. 

Being a Disability Confident Committed employer at level 1 of the scheme, UDSS proudly supports the movement to change perceptions about disability in the workplace. "Our Disability Confident badge is more than a symbol; it's a promise to recognise and harness the unique talents that disabled individuals bring to our business," added Peter Hewitt. 

UDSS's approach involves a proactive stance in recruiting disabled individuals and making workplace adjustments to enable their success. "Wherever there's a barrier, our commitment is unwavering towards removing it. We're not just striving for compliance; we're aiming for excellence in inclusivity". 

With disabled employment reaching new heights, UDSS remains ambitious in its goals. "Our vision extends beyond current achievements. We're driven to ensure every disabled person in our team and membership has the chance to excel at work and contribute to our collective success". 

About Disability Confident 

The Disability Confident scheme is a transformative initiative encouraging employers to rethink disability in the workplace and take proactive steps to enhance recruitment, retention, and development of disabled individuals. Developed collaboratively by employers and representatives of disabled people, the scheme offers a unique opportunity for businesses to become community leaders in this vital aspect of diversity and inclusion. 

To learn more about the Disability Confident campaign and how it's fostering change, visit Disability Confident Campaign: