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"Rebuilding a Tier 1, Exemplar, and Widely Respected British Army" report launch

Universal Defence and Security Solutions co-chair General Sir Richard Barrons, will be briefing the launch of the, ‘Rebuilding a Tier 1, Exemplar, and Widely Respected British Army,’ report this week at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) at 10:00 AM on 20th March 2024.

The Imperative of Rebuilding

In an era where global stability hangs by a thin thread, the urgency to rebuild and reinforce the British Army has never been more critical. The report, developed in collaboration with NewBletchley experts, including former NATO Secretary-General and Defence Secretary Lord Robertson, underscores the pivotal role of deterrence through credibility — a factor that has waned due to over two decades of diminishing military capacity.

Key Insights from the Report

  • Credibility as the Cornerstone of Deterrence: The erosion of the British Army's fighting power has compromised its deterrence capability. Restoring this credibility requires genuine preparation for war, transparent communication with potential adversaries, NATO, allies, and notably, the British public.
  • The Critical Role of Mass and Technology: With land forces and reserves dwindling below essential levels, the report calls for a recalibration of the army's size in relation to technological advancements. Understanding and articulating this balance is crucial for effective military strategy.
  • Reviving Resilience and Mobilisation: Reinforcing the capacity for resilience and rapid mobilisation involves a comprehensive overhaul of the reserves and emergency response mechanisms, mirroring the importance of revitalising the Regular Army.
  • Restoring NATO Tier 1 Accreditation: The imperative to reverse the hollowing out of the regular and reserve forces to regain 'ready to fight now' status is highlighted. Training at scale is essential to achieve this accreditation.
  • A Task Force Approach for Transformation: Drawing parallels with the swift development and distribution of COVID vaccines, the report advocates for a task force approach to deliver a New Model Army—a beacon of excellence and innovation.

Join the Briefing

This event promises to not only unveil pivotal insights but also chart the course for a resilient, capable, and globally respected British Army. 

To attend, please RSVP to Nigel Hall at

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