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Navigating Defence and Security Challenges: Insights from the GLRDSC Breakfast Meeting 

In a significant gathering at the International Bomber Command Centre, Universal Defence Security Solutions (UDSS) played a pivotal role at this week's Greater Lincolnshire Regional Defence & Security Cluster (GLRDSC) Breakfast Meeting.  

David Shouesmith, UDSS Director, represented the company, delivering key insights to a diverse audience from the defence, space, and technology sectors within the region. 

David Shouesmith

A Consultancy Bridge to Innovation 

David Shouesmith (Maj Gen ret’d) highlighted UDSS's crucial advisory engagement with Scampton Holdings Ltd, illustrating the firm's unique position as a consultancy bridge. This liaison between industry giants, government bodies, defence procurement teams, and the commercial sector is not just strategic but essential for fostering innovation and securing competitive advantages. His talk shed light on the importance of contextual information in tendering processes. 

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Addressing Uncertainties and Opportunities 

The discourse ventured into the broader implications of current global and regional uncertainties—such as the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, economic pressures, and the forthcoming UK elections—and their impact on business strategies in the defence sector. Such insights are critical for understanding how businesses can navigate these challenges while seizing opportunities for growth and innovation. 

A Catalyst for Local Leadership and Innovation 

The event underscored the GLRDSC's mission: to empower local businesses to lead, innovate, and shape the future of the defence and security sector. By leveraging government funding, the cluster aims to foster the development of new ideas, products, and technologies. As an industry-led forum, the GLRDSC is a cornerstone for national and international organisations, manufacturing, research, and innovation, providing a unified platform to address sector challenges and uncover new business avenues in Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland. 


Acknowledgments and Future Directions 

The meeting featured a roster of distinguished speakers, including Julian Free, Sharon Jones, Helen M., UDSS Co-Chair Peter L R Hewitt, representing organisations including the Royal Navy Maritime Enterprise, Lockheed Martin, and Scampton Holdings Limited, each bringing valuable perspectives to the table. 

Thank you to Lincolnshire LEP’s Amy O'Sullivan for orchestrating an exceptional event, marking a significant step forward for the defence and security community in the region. 

For those interested in the ongoing work and future initiatives of the GLRDSC, further information is available on their website. This meeting not only highlighted the collaborative spirit within the sector but also set the stage for future innovation and strategic partnerships in the face of evolving global challenges. 

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At Universal Defence, we are committed to contributing to such important dialogues and initiatives, reinforcing our dedication to security, innovation, and strategic collaboration within the defence and security sectors. Contact us to find out more about booking UDSS representatives for events or as keynote speakers: