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Podcast: General Sir Richard Barrons on Conflict
AdminMay 23, 20241 min read

Insights & Analysis: Podcast with General Sir Richard Barrons on Global Conflicts

In the latest episode of CMEC's podcast series, CMEC Director Charlotte Leslie delves into the complexities of global conflicts with one of the British Army’s most distinguished former generals, and UDSS Co-Chair General Sir Richard Barrons.

This discussion spans critical issues from the ongoing tensions in Gaza to the conflict in Ukraine. General Sir Richard Barrons brings a wealth of experience to the table. Throughout his illustrious career, he has been at the forefront of significant military operations, serving in diverse theatres such as Iraq and Afghanistan. His insights are not only informed by his direct involvement in these regions but also by his strategic roles within the British military establishment.

During the podcast, General Barrons issues a stark warning about Ukraine’s precarious situation, highlighting the very real possibility of defeat by Russian forces. He also sheds light on the broader implications of the Gaza conflict, exploring how it influences international relations and global stability.

This podcast episode offers listeners a unique opportunity to gain deep insights from General Sir Richard Barrons on the pressing security issues of our time. His expert analysis provides valuable perspectives on how these conflicts could evolve and what it means for global security.


General Barrons' career is marked by notable achievements and positions of high responsibility. As Assistant Chief of the General Staff in 2010, he played a key role in the Strategic Defence and Security Review and Defence Reform exercises. His promotion to Lieutenant General in 2011 saw him take on the role of Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Military Strategy & Operations), where he directed UK armed forces operations. He culminated his service as the Commander of Joint Forces Command, a position he assumed on 19 April 2013 upon his promotion to General.

You can read more of General Sir Richard's experience and reflections in his book, 'War and Peace', order here.