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Hadean and UDSS Partnership: Where novel tech meets deep industry knowledge

Hadean’s course in the defence industry is marked by the significant support of Universal Defence & Security Solutions (UDSS) military experts who have contributed to the company’s transformation from a non-traditional supplier to a trusted partner with a repeatable application for scalable and interoperable multi-domain training, decision support and wargaming.

During the recent Hadean Talks session, Hadean Co-Founder & COO, Mimi Keshani, took the opportunity to announce a new strategic partnership with UDSS that aims to enhance the level of defence expertise both organisations are able to deliver collectively.

Joining the webinar as one of the panel speakers, UDSS Director and ex Chief of UK Defence Intelligence, Air Marshal (ret’d) Phil Osborn, said: “Hadean impressed us with the applicability of their tech and their motivation.They get the need for national security and the need to bring digital tech to bear for the best use of customers and clients.” During the discussion he highlighted that enabling the integration of physical and virtual worlds in a seamless way is really important for UK defence and security given the current context western militaries and democracies find themselves in.

Through the new partnership, Hadean and UDSS will combine world class technology with unparalleled defence and security experience and insight and work closely with customers in industry and government to accelerate the digital transformation of defence within the UK and beyond. As Western militaries continue to pursue multi-domain integration across services, industry, domains and allies, a real opportunity is presented for organisations like Hadean and UDSS to collaborate, pull together their resources and expertise and show them what “the art of the possible is.”

With the addition of UDSS, Hadean’s ecosystem of defence partners grows further as we continue to build on our success, helping customers make the most of current assets, scaling simulations and enhancing LVC training through novel technologies like AI and Large Language Models (LLMs). To stress Hadean’s role in defence, Mimi Keshani said: “What we are good at is solving problems and adapting technology on to the next phase.”

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