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Dr. Steve Tatham's New Book Unveils the Intricacies of Information Operations

Understanding the dynamics of propaganda, disinformation, and psychological operations is crucial for navigating the battlefield of information. UDSS member, Dr Steve Tatham's latest book, 'Information Operations: Facts, Fakes, Conspiracists, ' emerges as a pivotal resource for illuminating these complexities.

This publication is a must-read for military personnel, intelligence analysts, or anyone intrigued by the landscape of modern warfare and the pivotal role of information operations.

Steve Tatham Information Operations

Decoding the World of Information Warfare

Dr Tatham spent 35 years as an Officer in the Royal Navy, specialising in Information Operations. His extensive experience spans several high-stakes environments, from Afghanistan to Eastern Europe, and roles including the Commanding Officer of the UK’s Psychological Operations Group. His profound insights draw upon firsthand experiences managing complex information campaigns across global theatres.

What to Expect from the Book

"Information Operations: Facts, Fakes, Conspiracists" offers an in-depth exploration into how state and non-state actors use information to influence public opinion and achieve strategic objectives. It discusses:

  • The rise and impact of fake news and disinformation campaigns.
  • Strategies behind propaganda and psychological operations.
  • Real-world applications and implications of information tactics.

The book has garnered praise from notable military and academic figures:

  • General Sir Richard Barrons KCB CBE, UDSS Co-Chair, praises Tatham’s ability to guide readers through the nuanced realms of information influence in both peace and wartime.
  • Frank Ledwidge, author of "Losing Small Wars," commends the book for providing unprecedented insights into the operations of information warfare.
  • Dr. Mike Martin, emphasises Dr. Tatham as a pivotal voice in understanding the theoretical and practical aspects of information operations.

Why This Book Matters

In an age where information is both a weapon and a tool of defence, understanding its power is crucial for maintaining national security and integrity. Tatham’s book not only educates but also equips professionals with the knowledge to discern and counteract the potential manipulations in the vast landscape of information they navigate daily.

All royalties from the sale of "Information Operations: Facts, Fakes, Conspiracists" will be donated to Hounds for Heroes.

Whether you are a professional in the military or security sectors or simply a civilian eager to understand the forces shaping our information-rich world, Dr. Steve Tatham’s book promises to be an enlightening guide through the intricate and often hidden world of information operations. This book is an essential tool for anyone committed to understanding the true impact of information on global events and security.

"Information Operations: Facts, Fakes, Conspiracists" is available for pre-order now. Click here to place your order.