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Land Domain Defence

We deliver expertise and experience-driven solutions to address the world's most intricate defence and security challenges.

Specialising in the land domain, our strategic consultancy services are designed to enhance defence capabilities effectively and efficiently, tailored to the unique needs of governments and military clients worldwide.

LAND Challenger


  • Comprehensive Support for the development and employment of Land domain capability - UDSS provides deep expertise in force development, acquisition, employment and training across Land Domain capability (defined here as people, equipment, training and support).
  • Land Domain-centric operations - UDSS has decades of experience leading across the full spectrum of Land-centric operations: counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, stabilisation, deterrence, and warfighting, all as part of a multi-domain solution.
  • Land Domain in the Digital Age - UDSS is a global thought leader in the modernisation and transformation of Land Domain capability (equipment, organisation and method) through the application of combinations of Digital Age technologies, including ‘digital backbones’ of cloud, AI, complex synthetic environments, and networks and the evolution of a crewed, uncrewed and autonomous capability mix.

National Security and Rule of Law

Download Your Essential Guide to National Security and Rule of Law from UDSS

At Universal Defence and Security Solutions (UDSS), we stand at the forefront of defence and security innovation, shaping military thinking and policy with our extensive network across UK government, NATO, and international allies. With a rich reservoir of expertise from top NATO countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, and France, we offer unparalleled insights into global defence strategies and the rule of law.

Our guide provides an in-depth look into how UDSS's comprehensive military and policing expertise operates seamlessly across various domains and environments. Whether you want to strengthen national security, enhance rule of law, or explore cutting-edge military policies, our guide is your first step towards comprehensive support.


Meet Our Experts

Sir Mark Poffley KCB OBE UDSS Director
Mark was Deputy to the Head of the British Army and led the Royal Logistic Corps. He has a reputation for insight, vision and counsel at the highest levels of UK military and political decision-making.

He has extensive operational experience as both a planner and field logistician and he most recently served as the Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff leading the UK MOD’s strategic BOI and force design teams. Overseeing a budget of £38 billion, he was responsible for the coherence of the UK’s defence portfolio including the most sensitive strategic capability programmes. Previously, he was the Deputy to the head of the British Army and led the Royal Logistic Corps.

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David Shouesmith
David Shouesmith UDSS DIRECTOR
David Shouesmith was formerly ACDS (Logistic Operations) in the UK MoD. He has extensive experience in operational military logistics and support acquisition in both the MoD and commercial sector.

His 28-year military career included service as ACDS (Logistic Operations) in the UK MoD and logistic command on operations from squadron to brigade level, from Bosnia to Afghanistan. He was also pivotal to many support transformation initiatives across Defence, in the land and joint domains, involving greater industry roles in delivering defence support. Since leaving the Army he has worked for large and small consultancies, advising commercial clients in a variety of sectors in strategy, critical programme management and strategic supply chain. David was the founding chairman of the Royal Logistic Corps Foundation, served as a colonel commandant of the Royal Logistic Corps for 15 years and is currently chairman of the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum Trust.

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Richard was formerly Commander of the Joint Forces Command, one of the six chiefs of staff of the British Armed Forces.

His military career spanned the final decade of the Cold War and leadership from captain to general in military operations in Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan - often as part of US-led coalitions and in NATO. He is a Distinguished Fellow at RUSI and a Visiting Senior Fellow at LSE IDEAS.

He is the founder and co-chair of Universal Defense & Security Solutions, a company that leverages the expertise of former Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and Ministry of Defense personnel worldwide.

General Sir Richard Lawson Barrons is a sought-after advisor and commentator on leadership, defence and security, and President of the Victory Services Club.

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