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Air Domain Defence

We deliver expertise and experience-driven solutions to address the world's most intricate defence and security challenges.

Specialising in the air domain, our strategic consultancy services are designed to enhance defence capabilities effectively and efficiently, tailored to the unique needs of governments and military clients worldwide.

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  • Air Domain Expertise - Aligning innovation with practical customer needs, Balancing cutting-edge trends with proven, traditional methods, Prioritising efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety
  • Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) and Counter-Unmanned Air Systems (C-UAS) - Pioneering integration of UAS and C-UAS for diverse applications, Expertise in regulatory, technical, and safety aspects, provision of robust safety and resilience strategies
  • Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) - Spearheading the integration of AAM technologies, Delivering comprehensive solutions from air vehicles to traffic management, Providing consultancy and support for AAM implementation, Our expert teams are dedicated to ensuring that our solutions, whether conventional or innovative, meet the highest standards of efficiency and practicality for all aviation operations.
  • Future Combat Air Systems (FCAS)

Your Strategic Defence Partner

UDSS is poised to assist in regions facing acute security challenges. We are your strategic partner, ready to deliver bespoke consultancy support that goes beyond expectations, ensuring your defence capabilities are robust, responsive, and resilient.

For comprehensive consultancy that empowers your defence operations within the air domain and beyond, partner with Universal Defence and Security Solutions. Together, we can build a future that's secure and thriving.

Meet Our Experts

Osby was formerly Head of UK Defence Intelligence. He has extensive experience of leadership and command, intelligence and cyber, force design and capability planning, and transformation.

Originally Tornado aircrew, most recently he was Chief of Defence Intelligence until end 2018, responsible for the provision of strategic intelligence to Defence and Government, ISR co-ordination and counter-intelligence, as well as Defence leadership of offensive and defensive cyber. Previously, Phil commanded one of the two operational RAF Groups, and stood-up the 2.5Bn/yr Joint Forces Command (now Strategic Command) Capability Portfolio.

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