How we do it

UDSS is led by a Board of Directors comprising business leaders and 4 and 3* former UK military leaders from across the UK’s Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and Civil Service with a combined military and business experience of well over 200 years.

UDSS’s workforce are known as ‘Members’, as they are part of the UDSS team. They are all former UK Armed Forces members from 3* to NCO and UK MOD Civil Servants. The title ‘Member’ signifies the ethos and sense of collective endeavour of UDSS in bringing the widest range of skills, experience and proven practical delivery success to our clients’ challenges.

Consequently, we are much more than theorists, our carefully selected team has delivered success in the real world and have come from a culture of service and ensuring that success is delivered.

Our Senior Leadership Team Members (“SLT”) are former 1, 2 and 3* who not only play a significant role in the management of UDSS but are selected to increase the range of specialist skills that our clients require.

Typically, along with the Directors they lead specific project teams. Members will be NCO to OF5 (Navy Captain, Colonel, Group Captain) and will provide deep expertise and experience in their specialist areas. Our database of Members is constantly developing as new talent is identified and leaves HMG’s active service.

Once a client approaches us with a requirement, either a Director or SLT member will explore the scope of the requirement with the client. If engaged, a project team will be formed and is capable of deploying worldwide. Engagements can be for an individual or a team and may last from a day to a permanently retained basis.

UDSS also partners with industry, governments and other organisations to bring our unique set of skills and experience to joint bid and delivery teams.